Toughest Vocabulary

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Want a superior vocabulary? Let Direct Hits help!

Words are our tools for learning and communicating. A proficient and robust vocabulary is critical to success in school, business, the professions, AND standardized tests such as the PSAT and SAT. But even the most dedicated students dread memorizing long lists of seemingly random words. Like its companion book Core Vocabulary, Direct Hits Toughest Vocabulary offers an approach that places words in contexts that students can easily understand and remember.

Direct Hits Toughest Vocabulary focuses on the level 4 and 5 words a student needs to score above a 650. The books include the following features:

  • 215 of the SAT’s most challenging words (those that often appear in Level 4 and Level 5 questions), not a phonebook-size list of words that never appear on the SAT
  • Relevant, vivid, and memorable examples from popular movies, television, literature, music, historical events, and recent headlines
  • A Fast Review with quick definitions
  • A Final Review with critical reading and sentence completion questions just like the real SAT

The book is organized as follows:

  • Chapters Seven and Eight present literary terms and key words from science and the social sciences
  • Chapter Nine examines words with multiple meanings and uses, which have appeared with greater regularity on recent tests
  • Chapters Ten and Eleven contain 131 level 5 words which were the answers to the most challenging sentence completion and Critical Reading questions on recent SATs

The book concludes with five critical reading and 30 sentence completion questions (and answers) to test mastery of the SAT words presented.  Students are comfortable carrying Direct Hits Toughest Vocabulary with them to study another word or two when time permits. Building on the success of previous editions, the authors of Direct Hits Toughest Vocabulary of the SAT – 5th Edition consulted secondary school teachers, tutors, parents, and students from around the world to ensure that these words and illustrations are right on target to further prepare students for success on the SAT.

Together, the Direct Hits Core Vocabulary and Toughest Vocabulary books prepare students for SAT success!